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Tracking Turnover is not easy.

We partnered with a former Director of Surgery to craft a solution to a problem that did not have a software tool: Operating Room Turnover.

Existing software focuses on the patient, and rightly so. But that leaves charge nurses without knowledge of what is happening in an operating room between patients, cleaning staff without a way to know when a room is ready to be turned, and surgeons wondering when they can get back to work.

But it should be.

With the first case of the day we were proactive, with all other delays we were reactive.

In fact, the only real time alert of a delay was when a surgeon was standing at my door complaining about a turnover that was slowing him down and costing him money.


Why Turnover Tracker Is Necessary

Turnover Tracker improves operating room turnover by addressing three main issues.

Can't Determine Status

  • Existing software is focused on the patient, not room status
  • Must physically round through each room to determine OR status

Real Time Data

  • See the status of each OR in real time
  • Staff communicate room status at the push of a button
  • Charge nurses see room status at all times
  • Overdue turns are immediately noticed

Haphazard Communication

  • Manually notify staff of OR changes
  • Track down each cleaner individually
  • Find the Surgeon when they are late to the room, or listen to them wonder why the room isn't ready.

Immediate Notifications

  • Quickly see and adjust the staff and doctors who receive notifications
  • Email or text automatically sent as room status changes

Late Reports

  • All reports lag by days or weeks
  • Reports must be exported from existing software, and transformed into meaningful data with Excel or Crystal Reports
  • Reports are focused on patient turnover, not room turnover

On Demand Reports

  • Immediately see your average turn time per room and per procedure
  • Compare turnover to benchmarks you create per procedure
  • Compare turnovers to historical data that you provide per procedure

View Your OR Status

Charge Nurses see every room's status throughout the procedure and the turn.

Notify the Right People

Staff know when it's time to clean. Surgeons know when it's time to get started.

Real Time Data

Turnover taking too long? Charge nurses see it and can intervene.

Track and Improve

View average turn times per room.


Turnover Tracker is a mobile-friendly website. Use it on a dedicated desktop or a personal device.

30 Day Free Sandbox

After a demo, we'll build a sandbox where you can try out a couple of rooms before you commit.