An Introduction to Turnover Tracker

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Is there someone on your staff who knows the status of every operating room all of the time?

Does that person know if it's in use or it's being cleaned?

Do they know how long the room has been waiting to be cleaned or how long the cleaners have been in it?

If you were using Turnover Tracker, the answer would be yes.

Your charge nurses, or any other staff you assign to the Report role, know the status of every OR in your hospital. They see the last event that took place, know how long the turnover has been happening, and can see if the room is sitting idle or taking too long to clean.

Turnover Tracker is a simple to implement web application. Start tracking your turnovers and communicating operating room status with immediate notifications. Take control of your OR workflow.

Yes, I Want To Know What's Happening In My OR!

Turnover Tracker is a collaboration between Under the Mountain Software, a Grand Rapids, Michigan based software company, and Alan Brander RN FACHE MBA BSN BSW HACP.

Alan is a former Director of Surgery at Spectrum Hospital. His previous software idea became TrackCore, a successful software solution for tracking implant chain of custody.

Real-time turnover tracking management had no simple technology solution before Turnover Tracker. Take 15 minutes and get started today!