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Staying on schedule and being efficient are two priorities in your OR. But that's hard to do when your staff doesn't know when the OR is ready to be turned, or the surgeon and anesthesiologist don't know the room is clean and ready for the next patient.

Instead, they show up while the room's in use, or it's still being turned, and wait. Or worse, aren't around when the OR is ready for them.

Stop wasting time and money. Turnover Tracker's built in notifications will make sure your staff knows when the OR is ready for them.

Your Charge Nurses set up who is notified and when they are notified.

  • Add Cleaners to the Heads Up and Case Complete notifications.
  • Add your Charge Nurses to the Clean Started notifications.
  • Add your Charge Nurses, Surgeons, and Anesthesiologists to the Clean Ended notifications.

With that little bit of setup at each shift change, your Nurses and Cleaners just hit a button to notify the system of OR room changes. The system automatically sends out notifications, and your OR runs more smoothly.

Turnover Tracker is a simple to implement web application. Start tracking your turnovers and communicating operating room status with immediate notifications. Take control of your OR workflow.

Yes, I Want My OR To Be More Efficient!

Turnover Tracker is a collaboration between Under the Mountain Software, a Grand Rapids, Michigan based software company, and Alan Brander RN FACHE MBA BSN BSW HACP.

Alan is a former Director of Surgery at Spectrum Hospital. His previous software idea became TrackCore, a successful software solution for tracking implant chain of custody.

Real-time turnover tracking management had no simple technology solution before Turnover Tracker. Take 15 minutes and get started today!