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Every OR has two types of customers - internal staff and patients. No one likes to wait around for the room to be available.

An article in Beckwith's Hospital Review states, "When patients have extended wait times greater than the times that were specified, hospitals run the risk of receiving lower satisfaction scores.”

But patients are not the only customers that get upset with extended and unreasonable wait times. Surgeons don't like to wait around for the OR to become available either. And delays at the start of the day only cascade and grow throughout the day.

Take back control of your OR with Turnover Tracker. Notify your staff of OR status in real time and put an end to unknown delays. Your customers will thank you.

Turnover Tracker is a simple to implement web application. Start tracking your turnovers and communicating operating room status with immediate notifications. Take control of your OR workflow.

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Turnover Tracker is a collaboration between Under the Mountain Software, a Grand Rapids, Michigan based software company, and Alan Brander RN FACHE MBA BSN BSW HACP.

Alan is a former Director of Surgery at Spectrum Hospital. His previous software idea became TrackCore, a successful software solution for tracking implant chain of custody.

Real-time turnover tracking management had no simple technology solution before Turnover Tracker. Take 15 minutes and get started today!