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Wasted Time is Wasted Opportunity

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An idle operating room helps no one.

  • Anesthesiologists don't like waiting around for Surgeons.
  • Surgeons don't like waiting on the OR to turn over.
  • The cleaning staff doesn't like waiting to start turning a room for an case that has run long.

What if there was a way to keep all relevant staff informed of the operating room's status?

It could reduce idle time and start making them more productive.

It could also help start cases on time. According to the Canadian Journal of Surgery, "the most common reasons for delay were surgeon and anesthesiologist unavailability".

Reducing the turnover time, by starting the turn and the next case on time, can have further benefits:

Our next effort will be to reduce turnover time. If we can reduce turnover by an average of 15 minutes, then we could gain an hour of operating time, resulting in the ability to perform 1 more short surgery each day. Even if an hour of additional operating room time is not gained, ending the day earlier could potentially reduce the amount of overtime paid to staff, which would reduce overall staffing costs for the operating room.

Turnover Tracker is a simple to implement web application. Start tracking your turnovers and communicating operating room status with immediate notifications. Take control of your OR workflow.

Reclaim Wasted Time With Turnover Tracker!

Turnover Tracker is a collaboration between Under the Mountain Software, a Grand Rapids, Michigan based software company, and Alan Brander RN FACHE MBA BSN BSW HACP.

Alan is a former Director of Surgery at Spectrum Hospital. His previous software idea became TrackCore, a successful software solution for tracking implant chain of custody.

Real-time turnover tracking management had no simple technology solution before Turnover Tracker. Take 15 minutes and get started today!